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Utah's Severe Weather Safety Vidoes

     In 1999, KTVX ABC4 Television in Utah produced a weather safety video for Utah students, entitled
For 2000 & Beyond: Surviving Utah's Severe Weather. Copies of this video were subsequently distributed free-of-charge to schools throughout Utah.
     In 2005, KTVX granted permission to Dan Pope and Clayton Brough for this video to be placed and shown on the UCCW website and for viewing on their own personal websites. The five parts of the video (which discusses Utah's avalances, flash floods, lightning, tornadoes and winter storms) are listed and linked below. You will need Windows Media Player to view these Windows Media videos.

Avalanches in Utah - 6:17 minutes, presented by Dan Pope, KTVX Chief Meteorologist
Flash Floods in Utah - 2:46 minutes, presented by Bill Alder, NWS Chief Meteorologist
Lightning in Utah - 3:15 minutes, presented by Clayton Brough, KTVX Climatologist
Tornadoes in Utah - 3.14 minutes, presented by Dan Pope, KTVX Chief Meteorologist
Winter Storms in Utah - 2:12 minutes, presented by Kurtis Gertz, KTVX Meteorologist