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Utah Center for Climate and Weather
UCCW, 2003-2008

     The Utah Center for Climate and Weather (UCCW) was a premier online climate and weather site from 2003 to 2008. This all-volunteer organization of climatologists and meteorologists freely preserved and publicized information about Utah's climatic history and weather phenomena.
     From 2003 to 2008, the primary officers of the UCCW included Daniel W. Pope (KTVX Chief Meteorologist, 1992-2007 and 2014-present), R. Clayton Brough (KTVX Climatologist, 1980-2008), William (Bill) J. Alder (NWS-SLC Chief Meteorologist, 1962-2000), and David R. James (BYU Geographer and Climatologist, 1987 to 2013). After 2008, Daniel W. Pope became the main operator and sponsor of the UCCW.
     Today people can find information about Utah's past and present climate and weather on the following websites:

Climate at a Glance (NOAA)
Conference vs. the Weather
Daily Utah Weather Almanac, 1847 to 1995
Monthly Climatic Summaries for Utah (NWS)
Storm Reports: Daily, Monthly & Annual (NOAA)
Utah Climate Center (USU)
Utah Climate Information (NWS)
Utah Climate Summaries (WRCC)
Utah Weather Almanac, 1847 to 2006
Utah Weather Extremes

Computer Forecast Models (NWS)
Flash Floods in Utah
Lightning in Utah
National Hurricane Center (NWS)
National Weather Service (NWS)
Public Weather Forecasts (NWS)

Tornadoes in Utah
Utah's Dangerous Weather
Weather Forecasts for Utah (NWS)
Weather Forecasts reviews and accuracy

Weather Education
Educational Resources (NOAA)
Utah State Science Core for 4th Grade (Weather)
Utah's Severe Weather Safety videos (KTVX, 1999)
*Utah's Weather and Climate (1996 book, 245 pages, 56 MB PDF file)
*The 1996 book Utah's Weather and Climate is 245 pages long and includes information on such topics as: temperature inversions, fog, lightning, precipitation, floods and flash floods, hailstorms, winter storms, lake effect weather, snowstorms, winds, whirlwinds and dust devils, tornadoes and waterspouts, weather terms and definitions, freeze dates, daily and historical weather events, and climatic data for many Utah cities.