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International Genealogy Consumer Organization
1980 to 1994

     The International Genealogy Consumer Organization (IGCO) existed from 1980 to 1994. During its existence it served as an all-volunteer free registration agency for professional genealogists who agreed to adhere to its International Code of Ethics, while also informed the general public--through its International Genealogy Consumer Report and related pamphlets and publications--about issues affecting genealogical consumers worldwide.
      In June 1992, IGCO ceased publishing its International Genealogy Consumer Report. In early 1994, IGCO officials considered closing down the organization because other genealogical entities were increasing taking the lead in qualifying and supporting professional genealogists while also informing the general public about consumer-related genealogical issues. In June 1994, the costs of maintaining and operating IGCO exceeded its minimal resources, so IGGO officials closed down the organization on July 31, 1994.