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Largest Post-It Note Mosaic

On Friday, November 6, 2009, 151 students of Eisenhower Junior High School in Taylorsville, Utah, broke the world record for making the World's Largest Post-It Note Mosaic, by constructing in three hours (after school was over) a large mosaic that measured 60 feet by 40 feet in area, used 38,400 different colored Post-It Notes, and protrayed the theme of "Go Green". Each participating student contributed $1.00 towards the purchase of the Post-It Notes--which were recycled after the event.
(Click here to see the on-line Taylorsville Journal newspaper for more details)

According to The Book of Alternative Records (in Europe), the former world record for the World's Largest Post-It Note Mosaic was accomplished on June 14, 2008, when "A colonial American flag measuring 20 feet by 40 feet was created by using 2441 blue, 5540 red and 5093 white Post-It notes in front of Betsy Ross House, Philadelphia." See the following website for more information: (http://www.alternativerecords.co.uk/recorddetails.asp?recid=306&page=cat).

Previous Post-It Note displays and records have appeared in other publications and websites-such as in Ripley's Believe It or Not book of 2005 entitled "Planet Eccentric", page 187.

The Book of Alternative Records lists eight rules that must be followed for producing the World's Largest Post-It Note Mosaic. They are: "1) All of the area must be covered by Post-It's, and there must be no gaps between them that would allow another Post-It to be inserted; 2) Differently colored Post-It's must be used to form some image, text, flag or pattern, so the colors should not be randomly distributed in the image; 3) The mosaic does not have to be a rectangle; 4) There are no restrictions on the time taken or the number of people involved; 5) The number of Post-It's used must be counted and given; 6) The dimension of the mosaic must be measured and given; 7) Good photographs showing the whole mosaic must be provided; and 8) Additional documentation as described by the Book of Alternative Records [on its website] must be provided."