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Nichols & Booth
Family Organization

Historical Information, Photographs and Genealogies
on the NICHOLS of England, America and Australia

Historical Information, Photographs and Genealogies
on the BOOTHS of England and America

England Certificates of Births and Marriages and Deaths
of Nichols and Booth Relatives

     The Nichols & Booth Family Organization (NBFO) is a large ancestral family organization. It was offically organized in 1980, and has since conducted extensive genealogical research on the ancestors, descendants and relatives of Benjamin Thomas Nichols (1875-1934) and Olive Lovenia Booth (1877-1924). Also, Nichols & Booth Family Reunions (as shown below) have occasionally been held in northern Utah.
     The present officers of the Nichols & Booth Family Organization (as of February 2013) are:
Ethel M. Brough, President; Evelyn McConkie, Vice-President; Alan Osmond, Secretary; Genealogists: Rick McConkie and Clayton Brough. The next Nichols & Booth Family Reunion is scheduled to be held in the Summer of 2015. Further details about this forthcoming reunion will be posted on this website in January 2015.

     In 2002, Forrest Rick McConkie and Evelyn Jean Nichols McConkie published a 475-page book on The Life and Times of Benjamin Thomas Nichols and his wife Olive Lovenia Booth, 1875-1934--which included extensive histories, photographs and genealogies of their descendants and ancestors. The book (shown below) is still available from the McConkie's, via: Jennies Family Histories, P.O. Box 702094, West Valley City, Utah, 84070, phone: 801-966-0537; email: ricknev@xmission.com. Also, the book can be freely viewed on FamilySearch at: https://dcms.lds.org/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=IE228510