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R. Clayton Brough

     R. Clayton Brough is a geographer and genealogist, and retired climatologist and educator. His experience and expertise includes geography and history, earth and physical sciences, journalism and broadcasting, and genealogy and theology.
     Clayton and his wife, Ethel, are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and presently serve as full-time volunteer family genealogists for the Brough Family Organization--which is a large ancestral family organization. They also serve as part-time family genealogists for a number of other family history organizations (see below).
     For more information on Clayton's past and present activites, see his Resume. If you wish to contact
him, please use this email address: rcb@broughfamily.org. (Shown in the top right photo and below
center photo are Clayton Brough and his wife Ethel Mickelson.)

Clayton and Ethel Brough serve as part-time family genealogists
for the following family history organizations:

Brough Family Genealogists
Brough Family Organization

Brough & Peterson Family Organization

Brough & Marshall Family Organization
Garner Ancestry Research Project
Mickelson & Harris Family Organization
Mickelson & Nichols Family Organization
Nichols & Booth Family Organization
Osmond Family Organization
Peterson & Clayton Family Organization
Samuel Clark Family Organization